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Our Involvement

Benedict's Home and Garden does not sell bees, but we enjoy partnering with bee suppliers to be a pick-up point for customers to get their bees.

This year, we are partnering with P&J Apiaries and Cedar Lane Apiaries. to provide you with bees.

P&J Apiaries

Tentative (Weather Dependent) Pick-Up Dates April 22nd*** Times to be determined

3 lb. Italian Bee Package with Mated Queen encased separately..$125

Payment Info: Contact Pawel at (646) 354-8304 or at gorskipawel@aol.com to place your order. You can also contact P&J Apiaries on their Facebook Page.

***Pickup Dates were April 8th-9th but have changed to April 22nd as of March 2nd, 2018.

Cedar Lane Apiaries

Tentative (Weather Dependent) Pick-Up Dates April 7th-8th and April 21st-22nd Saturday Afternoon & Sunday 9am-4pm

3 lb. Italian Bee Package with Mated Queen..$140
3 lb. Carniolan Bee Package with Mated Queen..$140
3 lb. Saskatraz Bee Package with Mated Queen..$142

Payment Info: Visit Cedar Lane Apiaries Website to order online and make sure you choose "Benedict's Home and Garden" at checkout for your pickup destination.

Please do not delay! There is a limited supply of packages available!

BENEDICT'S HOME AND GARDEN IS ONLY A PICKUP POINT FOR BEES. We do not accept any forms of payment for bees and all bee orders must be placed with Cedar Lane Apiaries or P&J Apiaries.

Pick Up

You will be able to pick up the bees here at our store, located at 480 Purdy Hill Rd, Monroe CT 06468.
We do stock many bee supplies year round, including beekeeping suits, tools, and pollen patties.

Upcoming Bee Seminar January 27th, 2018

Benedict's Home and Garden is hosting a Bee Seminar great for beginner and intermediate beekeepers. Learn more information on our Bee Seminar Page.

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