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Cozy Coop Heater


(SKU# 42012000)

Direct warmth only where you need it: doesn't heat the space. Wide "feet" make this product very stable and impossible for chicks to tip over. A heat-sensitive sticker glows red when the unit is on, which can be seen from a distance. Uses around 85 watts; less than a typical 250-watt infrared heat bulb, so you'll save on electricity bills! The Cozy Coop Heater only reaches around 165° on the high setting, and 155° on the low setting, by our own measurements. ETL Certified Zero-Clearance item (which means it meets safety standards in all 50 states) Two screw-mounting slots located on top rear. Just remove legs and mount! Functions up to -20° F. Below that and the plastic feet, plastic housing, and on/off switch may become brittle, although the electronic components would continue to function. Dimensions and Specifications: Item dimensions: 19in x 12in x .63in Weight: 6 lbs Cord length: 9ft 10in; in-cord switch 120 Volts, 200 watts Approximate temp on low setting: 155° Approximate temp on high setting: 165°

Please call the store for availability at (203) 268-2537. Can't find what you're looking for? We have a much, much larger selection in-store and offer delivery too! Give us a call or better yet, stop in today! Pricing is subject to change at any time.

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