Chicken Coops

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Amish Built Chicken Coops

More Amish built coops arriving in August.

4' X 8' Quaker High Side Chicken Coop


Features: flower box, individual nesting box doors, linoleum floor, wire on windows, and two sets of double entry doors!

Accomodates 16-18 chickens!

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3' X 4' Lean-to Tractor Chicken Coop


Features: removable litter tray with clean out lid and epoxy floor!

Accomodates 2-3 chickens.

DIY Boxed Chicken Coops

Master Rancher Chicken Coop


Holds up to 4 chickens. Has 2 doors with opening roofs over run and coop.

Assembled dimensions: 77" X 28.7" X 44.5"

XL Superior Chicken Coop


Holds up to 6 chickens. Has 3 roosting bars and 3 nesting boxes.

Assembled dimensions: 84" X 40" X 57"

Extreme Walk-In Chicken Coop

Holds up to 24 chickens. Has 2 entrances with full size doors.

Assembled dimensions: 140.6" X 108.3" X 96"

XL Ranch Chicken Coop


Holds up to 8 chickens.

Assembled dimensions: 84" X 44.9" X 70.8"

Jumbo Red Chicken Barn

Holds up to 9 chickens. 3 compartment rear mounted nesting box with hinged lid. 2 roosting bars.

Assembled dimensions: 59.4" X 46.3" X 40.6"

Red Hen Ware Little Chicken Coop


Holds up to 4 chickens. EZ clean metal pull pan.

Assembled dimensions: 67.76" X 45.5" X 33.5"

Nesting / Roosting Box


Perfect for closing hens up for the night. Asphalt hinged roof, metal tray for easy cleaning, 2 roosting bars, 2 nesting boxes.

Assembled dimensions: 29" X 30" X 27.9"

Chateau Chicken Coop


This classic country style coop features a durable, shingle roof and a sliding door to keep the flock safe at night. Enjoy pull out metal pans, predator proof nesting box design, 4 handles for easy relocation and secure bolt locks. The ramp can be safely secured to prevent damages when moving coop. Rated for one to 5 hens depending on breed.

Assembled dimensions: 71” X 32” X 44”

Call us to check availability on Do-It-Yourself Chicken Coops. These coops are sold unassembled in boxes.

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