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Farm Feed

A large assortment for all your livestock and equine needs

Our farm feed is one of our biggest departments here at Benedict's Home and Garden. We carry organic, non-organic, and non-GMO feed for chickens, horses, cows, pigs, goat, sheep. Rabbits and other small animals can be located here.

Poultry Feed

We stock a complete line of poultry, turkey, gamebird and duck feeds. The current brands we carry are Blue Seal, Kalmbach, CT Grown (non-Gmo feeds), and New Country Organic (organic feeds).

Besides the basic starter, grower and layer feeds we also have ingredient feeds such as Cracked Corn, Whole Corn, Oats, and Scratch to name a few. As well we have supplemental items such as Poultry Shells designed to strengthen their egg shells, as well as Grower and Developer Layer Grit to help digestion. Fat and Finisher pellets also available. Bag sizes vary from 10lbs to 50lbs.

Horse Feed

We have many complete horse feed lines from Blue Seal, Triple Crown, Southern States, Legends, and Tribute as well as forage mixes and ingredients from Semican, Lucerne Farms and Standlee. Protein percentages range from 12-30%.

In addition to horse feed, we carry hay for horses, along with compressed bales of alfalfa, and timothy, alfalfa, or mixed in cubed or pelleted form, Beet pulp, bran,and salt blocks we have everything to give your horse all their nutrition needs. Blue Seal Hay Stretcher pellets is a great winter subsitute for hay.

Cows, Pigs, Goats, and Sheep

For cows, we sell Milk Maker pellets with 16% protein along with supplement for dairy and beef cattle.

For pigs, we carry Pig and Sow pellets, Mini-Pig pellets, along with active adult, elder pig, and youth pig Mazuri feeds.

For goats, we carry Premium Dairy Goat pellets, Caprine Challenger, and Grow and Finish pellets, with proper supplement amounts so your goats can grow healthy.

For sheep, we carry All Stock 14, a textured mix of oats, corn, pellets, and molasses (no copper). We also carry Shepherd 16 pellets and Lamb Finisher pellets. Large portions of copper is toxic to sheep. Remember when selecting feed, make sure it has little to no copper.

Store Info

480 Purdy Hill Rd
Monroe, CT 06468
(203) 268-2537

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