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Benedict's Home and Garden offers a lot of different types of fencing to their customers, below is an outline of what we carry.

Wood Fencing

Both decorative and rustic for home or farm.

Split Rail

Rails - 11' Long

Pressure Treated (AQC) with Mixed Hardwoods (mostly Poplar)

Rails come in 2 styles diamond cut or rustic split

2 Hole Post - 6' Tall

Southern Yellow Pine or Poplar Posts, Pressured Treated to Refusal. There are Line, End and Corner Posts available.

(AQC) | Bury Depth: 1.5-2' | First Hole: about 6" from Top

3 Hole Post - 7' Tall

Bury Depth: 1.5-2' | First Hole: about 6" from Top. There are Line, End and Corner Posts available.

Gates are available in 4' & 5' widths in both 2 and 3 rail and a 3' width in 2 rail only. Custom size gates are available.

Pressure Treated Posts

4-5" x 8' round with .40AQC

4-5" x 10' round with .40AQC

Deer Fencing

Deer fence is a heavy duty polypropylene plastic mesh fence (UV light resistant) which is light weight but high strength and practically invisible. Mesh size is 1 3/4" x 2 1/2".

Roll Sizes

7.5' x 330', 7.5' x 100', 6' x 330', 6' x 100', 5' x 330', 4' x 330'


Heavy duty angle iron painted flat black with holes every 2" except for bototm 2'. Comes in heights of 6',7',8' & 9'. This is meant to be used as line posts, not corner posts.


Tension Wire

9 guage PVC coated wire stocked in 300', 750', 1500' lengths. Used both on the top and bottom of the fence for strength.

In-line Strainer

Also known as a "wire tightener", is used to tighten tension wire. Can be added during or after installation of tension wire.

Tightener Tool

Used to turn strainer to tighten wire, tool allows it to be a one person operation.

Fence Ties

Ties are used to attach the deer fence to the wire and posts.


Made from 1 5/8" galvanized tubular steel, comes with parts needed to assemble and attach to post. Just paint flat black and add a piece of fence. Gates are 6.5' high and can be made in any width. We stock 4' wide.


Used to pull bottom of fence down where a gap may be due to uneven ground. Made from the same material as the posts, and cut into 16" lengths.

Field Fence

Horse Fence

48" High x 100' Long with 2"x4" Mesh. Square Deal Knot® at joints with no welds.

Barbed and Barbless Wire

Barbless is 2 strands of 12.5 gauge wire twisted together. Barbed wire is 2 strands of varying gauge wire with 2 or 4 pointed wites attached to strands. Rolls are a ¼ mile long.

Fence Panels

Used for making pens for livestock. Panels are made from 4 gauge wire and are 16' long and come in a variety of hieghts and mesh sizes. We stock the cattle combo panels.

Welded Wire and Hardware Cloth

Welded Wire (Galvanized before welding)

½"x1" Mesh - Stocked in heights of 2' and 3' (other heights available). Sold by the foot for making cages or by the 100' roll. Wire is 16 gauge.

1"x1" Mesh - Stocked in heights 2',3',4' (other heights available). Sold in 100' rolls or 2' and 3' by the foot. Wire is 16 gauge.

1"x2" Mesh - Comes in heights from 18" to 6'. Wire is 14 gauge. Sold in lengths of 50' (height availability limited) and 100' rolls. Heights fo 18". 2'. and 3' also sold by the foot for making cages.

2"x4" Mesh - Comes in heights from 3' to 6'. Wire is 12½ gauge (Heavy Duty) or 14 gauge light duty. Sold in lengths of 50' and 100'.

Hardware Cloth

1/8" Mesh - Stocked in height of 3'.

1/4" Mesh - Stocked in heights of 2' and 3', Sold in 100' rolls or by the foot, Wire is 23 gauge.

1/2" Mesh - Stocked in heights of 2' and 3', Sold in 100' rolls or by the foot, Wire is 19 gauge.

Poultry Wire

Available in heights 2',3',4',5', and 6'. Mesh sizes of 1" or 2". Rolls are 50' or 150' long. Wire is 20 gauge. Galvanized before weaving. A few sizes also available with vinyl green coating on them. Available in plastic also in 2' and 3' high, 25' long.

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