Other Livestock Feed

Goat & sheep, cattle, and swine.

Goat & Sheep Feed

Blue Seal Dairy Goat Pellet
Blue Seal Goat Grow and Finish 18DQ
Goat Block Berry Bush
Blue Seal Shepherd 16
Blue Seal Lamb Finisher

Our stock includes Dairy Goat Pellets, Grower and Finisher Goat Pellets, Goat & Sheep Blocks, Sheep Feed, and Lamb Finisher. Note: Copper can be lethal to sheep and certain breeds of goats. Do not mix goat and sheep feeds together.


Nutrena CF Select Stock
Backyard Basics All Stock Feed
Blue Seal Milk Maker
Molasses Tub

We carry Nutrena Select Stock, which is a great for cattle, sheep, and goat. In addition, we carry a portion of the Blue Seal Backyard Basic all stock feed, along with Blue Seal Milk Maker pellets. Molasses tubs available by special order.


Blue Seal Pig Starter Pellet
Blue Seal Pig Grow and Finish.png
Mazuri Mini Pig Youth
Mazuri Mini Pig Active Adult

We carry Blue Seal's Pig Starter and Pig Grower/Finisher, along with Mazuri's line of mini-pig feed.

Store Info

480 Purdy Hill Rd
Monroe, CT 06468
(203) 268-2537

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