Fertilizing With A Four Step

The Four Step Program, which we carry from both Scott’s and Agway, is a lawn fertilizing program that you use for yearround lawn feeding. The program is made up of four fertilizers that each have a specific function: The first step is a fertilizer and crabgrass preventer; the second step is a fertilizer with weed killer; the third step is a fertilizer with a surface-dwelling insect killer for Scott’s and a straight fertilizer for Agway; and the fourth step is a fertilizer that prepares your lawn for the winter.

Step 1

Apply in April or before the forsythia blossoms drop in your area. This application prevents crabgrass from germinating so you cannot put grass seed down for at least 16 weeks. Apply two days before rainfall ranging between ¼" and ½" is expected.

Step 2

Apply mid to late May to control broadleaf weeds. Apply to a wet lawn by watering, an early morning dew, or after a rain. Fertilizer must adhere to wet weed foliage to insure good weed control. Do not water in or apply before rain is forecast in the next 48 hours. Do not mow the lawn for 48 hours after this application. Do not sow grass seed for at least 1 month after applying.

Step 3

Apply mid August to early September. For the Scotts program for optimum surface insect control apply when rain is expected or water after application. This is an excellent time to seed bare areas. The Agway program does not contain an insecticide in Stage 3.

Step 4

Apply late October to early November after the leaves have been raked off and after you have mowed the lawn for the last time.


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