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Typically, the grubs that can be found eating the roots of your grass are the larval form of the Japanese Beetle. These insects are truly a pest for their entire lifespan, because not only will the grub eat the roots of, and consequently kill, large portions of your lawn, when they become adult beetles they will wreak havoc on your precious garden plants as they eat away their leaves, leaving the nerves exposed to damage from the elements.

How long do grubs, and the adult beetles, normally live?

The life cycle of a grub is as follows: Japanese beetles lay their eggs typically sometime in August. These will hatch sometime in September, at which point the grubs will begin feeding on the roots of your grass. As the soil gets colder and colder, the grub will burrow deeper into the dirt and lay dormant until it warms up again. When the soil begins warming up, the grub moves back toward the surface and begins feeding on the roots again typically in March. Sometime during April, the grub then turns into a pupa, at which point it will no longer feed. Then, come June, the pupas will become adult beetles and begin the cycle anew.

How can I control the grubs?

Because of this life cycle, there are only two effective times to kill grubs: in March and August. If you notice that you have grubs in March (usually signified by brown patches in your lawn, which you are able to roll back like a carpet due to the roots being gone), you can use Bayer’s 24 hour grub killer with Dylox. This product, when applied and watered in thoroughly, will kill any grubs that you have in your lawn at the time of application only. If you suspect that you may end up with more grubs when they would hatch in the fall (signified by the presence of many Japanese beetles around your property), you can use Scott’s Grubex in July to kill them when they hatch. The way Grubex works is, when you apply it in July and thoroughly water it into your lawn, it will be absorbed into the roots of your grass. When the grubs hatch from their eggs and begin feeding, the Grubex in the roots causes them to feel like they are full and they will starve to death.

Are there any all-natural grub control products?

Another product that is useable to control grubs is Milky Spore. This is actually a bacteria that you spread in granular form on your lawn. This bacteria gives the grubs milky spore disease, which is fatal to them. It comes in two forms, powder and granular. To use the powder effectively, you must apply it twice in the first year, and then after three years it will provide effective grub control for up to 15 years. The powder is applied in a grid -like pattern, with teaspoons of the powder dropped every four feet. The granular form must be applied three times a year for two years (for a total of six applications) before it will provide its effective control. While using either of these, you cannot use any other grub control product as it will interfere with the workings of the Milky Spore.


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