Organic Fertilizing

Does it really matter if I use organic fertilizer or regular?

Fertilizing your lawn is always a good idea, but you might be the type of person who is not very fond of using a regular chemical fertilizer on your lawn. If that is the case, there are plenty of options for using an all-natural, organic fertilizer to make your lawn robust and pleasing to the eyes.

Others may ask, what is so wrong with using a chemical fertilizer? Well, the answer is basically that chemical fertilizers provide your grass with an “empty” type of food, similar to the empty calories we get from eating pure, refined sugar. The microbes that are used to feed a lawn with organic fertilizers provide full service to the plants.

What organic fertilizers are available?

For starters, Agway makes an organic lawn food, called Nature’s Way Organic Lawn Food. It can be used any time of year, and provides leaf growth and makes the grass green. It also promotes root development and helps your lawn resist drought and disease—and it does all this completely organically!

The Espoma Company carries a number of products that are organic fertilizers. Most are for gardens and trees, but they make two products, Turf-Tone and Espoma Organic Lawn Food, that are used to fertilize your lawn organically.

Blue Seal, known for their high quality animal feeds, has also ventured into the organic fertilizer market with a product called Safe ‘N Simple Lawn Food.

These products, when used in accordance with directions, will give you a green, lush lawn while being environmentally friendly.


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