Grass Seed

We have a wide selection of grass seeds to choose from when whether you want to plant a new lawn, fill in some bare sports, or do some over-seeding to fill out your lawn. We carry a wide variety of grass seed mixes for any condition.

Benedict's Mixes

Our specialized mixtures of grass seed are exceptional mixes at an economical price. Choose from
Sun and Shade is a residential mix consisting of perennial ryegrasses, kentucky bluegrass and creeping red fescue. Thrives in both sunny and shady environments.
Tri-Rye is a fast germinating mix consisiting of multiple perennial ryegrasses. Great for quickly establishing grass on bare dirt.
Contractor's Mixture makes for a quick established lawn consisting of a third each perennial ryegrass, annual ryegrass and creeping red fescue. Remember annual grass will not grow back the following year.


Quality mixes at a reasonable price. Choose from their Sunny Green, Shady Green, Wear Green, Ready Green Water Polymer, Professional Green, and Patch Repair mixtures. We also carry Agway White Clover for lawns in both 1 and 3lb sizes. Other clovers available, some by special order.


Scotts has an array of mixes for all different lawn needs. There are kentucky bluegrass mixes, perennial ryegrass mixes, tall fescue, north east mix, grass patch mixes, seed for sunny or shady areas, heat tolerant and heavy traffic mixes, and fall seeding.

Jonathan Green

Jonathan Green makes exceptional seed mixes for any location. There are classic mixes, deeper root mixes, seed for sunny areas, dense shade areas, heat tolerant and heavy traffic mixes, and fast growing mixes. Jonathan Green's Black Beauty seed is used by sod growers throughout the country.

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