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Dog Food

Get the food your dog needs

Choose the right food for your dog from Benedict's Home and Garden. Listed below are some flavors we have carried in the past, and does not represent our current stock.

Dog Food Brands

We carry a large variety of dry and wet dog food, sold in cans, cases, or bags ranging from 25lbs to 50lbs, from quality brands like:

Blue Seal (Dry: Puppy, Adult, Active, Lamb and Rice, Low Calorie, Performance, Pork and Barley, along with Naturals 26 and Krunchies)

Taste of the Wild (Dry: Sierra Mountain, Hi Prairie, Wetlands, Rocky Mountain, Pacific Stream)

Wellness (Dry: Simple Solution Duck, Simple Small Breed, Complete Grainfree chicken, Complete Grainfree Fish, Super5 Chicken, Super5 Lamb, Super5 Large Breed Adult, Super5 Small Breed Adult, Fish and Potato, Super5 Senior, Salmon and Pea)
(Wet: Vension/Potato, Chicken/Potato, Fish/Potato, Turkey/Potato, Duck/Potato, Super5 Lamb, Senior, Puppy, Turkey, Fish/Sweet Potato, Vension/Salmon Stew, Beef Stew, Chicken Stew, Turkey Stew, Simple Solution Lamb)
(Treats: Wellbars Grain Free Chicken)

Earthborn (Dry: Ocean Fusion, Large Breed Adult, Primitive, Small Breed Adult, Vantage, Weight Control, Puppy Vantage)

Wholesomes (Dry: Chicken/Rice, Fish/Rice)

Blue Buffalo (Dry: Wilderness Grain Free Salmon, Puppy Chicken and Rice, Small Breed Chicken and Rice, Large Breed Chicken and Rice, Chicken and Rice, Small Breed Adult, Senior Chicken and Rice, Large Breed Puppy Chicken and Rice, Weight Control Chicken, Grain Free Wilder Salmon, Grain Free Freedom)
(Wet: Chicken/Rice/Vegetable, Beef/Sirloin/Carrots/Peas, Chicken Stew, Turkey Stew, Basic Turkey)

Big Red (Dry: Nuggets)
Wet: Beef dinner, chopped chicken, Beef Chunks & Gravy

Southern States (Dry: Grainfree Chicken, Grainfree Whitefish, Complete Adult Dog, Advance Puppy, Naturals)

Merrick (Dry: Adult Lamb/Peas, Adult Chicken/Rice/Pea, Adult Beef/Barley/Carrot, Adult Lamb/Rice, Adult Chicken/Grain, Adult Chicken/Green Peas)
(Wet: Surf/Turf, Hot Grill, Starspangled Supper, Texas Steak, Colossal Chicken, Pappy's Pot Roast, Festive Stew, Forever Home, Kiss Me Irish, Honolulu Luau, Camper Delight, Merrick'an Pie, Smothered Comfort, Senior Medley, Gram Pot Pie, Chicken Carver Delight, Cowboy Small Breed, Chicken/Spice, Seasonal President, Easter Brunch, Love Potion, Puppy Plate, President Platter, Brauts N' Tots, Burger Fries, Grammy's Pot Pie, Turducken, Wingaling, Wilderness Blend, Mediterranean Lamb, Venison Holiday, Gameday Tailgate, Homecoming Holiday, Mama's Meatball, Christmas Day Dinner, Thanksgiving Dinner, Cowboy Cookout, Sweetheart Stew, Hero Banquet, Spring Fling)

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