Fall Activities

Every Fall at Benedict's Home and Garden, we have a wide range of activities for friends and families to come down and enjoy! Activities start approximately mid-September and run through the end of October.


Get out and have a day of fun at Benedict's. Available starting September 16th, 2017 for the Fall Season. Not available during any season other than Fall.

Activities end November 5th, 2017.

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Corn Maze Check It Out

Come on down and try out our cornmaze.

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Hay Ride See for yourself.

Take a tour through our hay fields on one of our exciting hayrides. Pass by the cornfield and maybe even a couple cows and enjoy the natural scenery of our land.

Other Activities Loads Of Fun

Ever used a 4 foot slingshot to shoot a pumpkin at multiple targets? Or dived straight into a pit of corn? Now you can, during Benedict's Home and Garden's Fall Fun activities. Slingshotting pumpkins can be fun at any age, and your kids can have fun also. In addition, there is a corn pit which is basically a huge pool of corn for them to play in. If they are tired of the corn, they can jump on our hay maze, which is basically a 40 foot tall playground made of haybales. Nothing can replace spending a day out with the family, and Benedict's Home and Garden is a great choice during the fall to come and play!

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