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This limited-time advanced order sale is your chance to order our premium bird foods at super prices!

Our 2023 Advanced Order Bird Seed Sale is here!

Place your order by October 22nd, 2023.

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Pickup is between November 1st - 12th, 2023.

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Premium Bird Seed Mixes


  • Attracts a variety of birds
  • Low cost, all purpose seed blend
  • 30lbs $15.99
    (Reg: $20.99)


  • Good all-purpose mix of striped sunflower, white milet, cracked corn, wheat, and milo
  • Attracts a wide variety of birds
  • 40lbs   $23.99
    (Reg: $30.99)


  • Contains 3 times as much sunflower as Favorite, plus white millet, peanut hearts, hulled oats and canary seed
  • Attracts a wide variety of birds
  • 40lbs   $29.99
    (Reg: $39.99)

    Flyer's Choice

  • Premium wild bird food mixture attracts the most colorful birds. Sunflower makes up more than 50% of this high-protein mix.
  • 40lbs   $39.99
    (Reg: $56.99)

    Lyric Supreme

  • No filler seeds, premium assortment of safflower, black oil sunflower and peanuts to attract a wide variety of birds
  • 40lbs   $46.99
    (Reg: $59.99)

    Finch Delight

  • Special blend of smaller seeds to attract finches
  • Includes small sunflower hearts, canary seed and nyjer seed
  • 16lbs   $27.99
    (Reg: $37.99)

    High Energy Fruit & Nut

  • A premium blend of sunflower, fruits, nuts and safflower to attract fruit and nut loving birds like Cardinals, Nuthatches, and Woodpeckers
  • 16lbs   $25.99
    (Reg: $35.99)

    Sunflower And Other Ingredients

    Black Oil Sunflower

  • High in energy and protein
  • Appeals to a wide variety of smaller birds
  • 40lbs   $20.99
    2 or more $19.99ea

    (Reg: $27.99)

    Sunflower Hearts

  • The meat of the sunflower
  • Provides sunflower energy and protein without the mess of shells
  • Easily eaten by all feeder birds
  • 20lbs   $34.99
    (Reg: $44.99)

    Safflower Seed

  • A high protein food to attract cardinals
  • Least favorite food of squirrels
  • 16lbs   $24.99
    (Reg: $34.99)

    Nyjer Seed

  • A favorite for colorful finchs
  • Attracts Goldfinches, Buntings, Pine Siskins, Redpolls, Juncos, House Finches and others
  • 4.75lbs   $9.99
    4 or more $8.99ea

    (Reg: $14.99)

    Suet Plus High Energy Wild Bird Suet

  • High quality, melt resistant ingredients
  • Case of 10  $12.99/case
    (3+ $11.99/case)

    (Reg: $14.99/case)

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