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Payment taken at pickup. Pickup is between November 1st - 10th

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Premium Bird Seed Mixes

Morning Song Year Round

  • Attracts a wide variety of birds
  • Contains mix of grains, white millet & black oil sunflower seeds
  • Low cost, all purpose mix
  • 40lbs $9.99 (Reg: $12.99)


  • Good all-purpose mix of striped sunflower, white milet, cracked corn, wheat, and milo
  • Attracts a wide variety of birds
  • 40lbs   $13.99 (Reg: $22.99)


  • Contains 3 times as much sunflower as Favorite, plus white millet, peanut hearts, hulled oats and canary seed
  • Attracts a wide variety of birds
  • 40lbs   $18.99 (Reg: $27.99)

    Flyer's Choice

  • Premium wild bird food mixture attracts the most colorful birds. Sunflower makes up more than 50% of this high-protein mix.
  • 40lbs   $27.99 (Reg: $37.99)

    Lyric Supreme

  • No filler seeds, premium assortment of safflower, black oil sunflower and peanuts to attract a wide variety of birds
  • 40lbs   $29.99 (Reg: $44.99)

    Finch Delight

  • Special blend of smaller seeds to attract finches
  • Includes small sunflower hearts, canary seed and nyjer seed
  • 16lbs   $17.99 (Reg: $27.99)

    High Energy Fruit & Nut

  • A premium blend of sunflower, fruits, nuts and safflower to attract fruit and nut loving birds like Cardinals, Nuthatches, and Woodpeckers
  • 16lbs   $17.99 (Reg: $24.99)

    Sunflower And Other Ingredients

    Black Oil Sunflower

    Great Price!

  • High in energy and protein
  • Appeals to a wide variety of smaller birds
  • 40lbs   $14.99 (Reg: $19.99)

    Sunflower Kernels

  • A year round treat for large species of birds
  • Get all the energy and protein sunflowers are known for, without the shells or mess
  • 20lbs   $21.99 (Reg: $32.99)

    Sunflower Hearts

  • The meat of the sunflower
  • Provides sunflower energy and protein without the mess of shells
  • Easily eaten by all feeder birds
  • 20lbs   $21.99 (Reg: $32.99)

    Grey Striped Sunflower

  • High in energy and protein
  • Appeals to larger birds such as grosbeaks and cardinals
  • 40lbs   $23.99 (Reg: $34.99)

    Safflower Seed

  • A high protein food to attract cardinals
  • Least favorite food of squirrels
  • 16lbs   $14.99 (Reg: $24.99)

    Nyjer Seed

    20lbs   $20.99 (Reg: $27.99)

    Suet Plus High Energy Suet

    Case of 12  $8.99/case
    (4+ $7.99/case)

    (Reg: $9.99/case)

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