Baby Chick And Duck Preorder

Our 2021 Pre-Order is coming soon.
Below are the varieties we carried in 2020.


Rhode Island Red

Heavy bird with great egg production.


Red Cross

High producers of rich colored brown eggs. Easy to handle.


White Leghorn

High production white egg layer. Known for their feed efficiency and egg production.


Barred Rock

Cold hardy bird, great for backyard flocks or small farms.



Known as the Easter Egg chicken. Very popular, good disposition.


Buff Orpington

Quiet disposition, good setter, old fashioned bird.


Speckled Sussex

Quiet, friendly brown & black bird with white tipped feathers.


Silver Laced Wyandottes

Beautiful silver bird laced with black.


Cuckoo Maran

Lays very dark brown eggs. Looks a lot like a Barred Rock.


Olive Eggers

Lays dark green eggs. There is a wide variation in color and plumage.


Blue Andulusians

Blueish grey bird that lays white eggs.


Cream Legbars

Lays bluish-green eggs. Silver with toffee/salmon coloring. Excellent layer.


Blue Laced Red Wyandottes

Lays brownish eggs. Vrey interesting red in color with blue edges to the feathers.


Lavender Orpingtons - *straight run*

Lays light brown eggs. Actually lavender in color.


Rudd Rangers

Straight run red bird, slow grower, does well free range.


Jumbo White Cornish X Broiler

Straight run white bird, fast growing.


White Pekins

All white duck.



Look like mallards but are larger and do not fly.


Indian Runners

White and tan slender upright duck.



Beautiful ducks, assorted colors with white bib.

It is very important for anyone handling any type of bird or animal to wash their hands thoroughly before preparing food or putting hands in their mouth. It is especially important that children understand the necessity of this sanitary procedure when they are handling poultry or their pets. Pricing subject to change on price per bird due to increased feed costs and/or increased age.

Please bring your own boxes for transportation if possible.

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