December Citrus Preorder

Our 2023 Citrus Pre-Order has ended. Stay tuned for 2024!

Fresh from the groves of Florida and California, a great treat for a cold day! Our fruit comes straight to you from the tree as soon as it is picked, so what you get is the freshest most flavorful fruit possible.

California Navel Oranges - A sweet tasting, medium size fruit that has a deep orange color and a think skin that is so easy to peel. A delicious healthy snack.

Florida Hamlin Juice Oranges - A tasty and perfect source of vitamin C, these typically round and juicy oranges are a refreshing treat fresh off the right or right out of the juicer. It is the sweetest juice orange of the season.

Indian River Red Grapefruit - A zesty, zingy citrus fruit. Medium to large in size, these luscious grapefruit are usually flattened at each end with a smooth yellow peel that has a pink to red blush. The segments have a pink to reddish tinge and very few seeds.

Clementine - A product of Spain, this small orange is thin skinned, easy to peel and abundant with juice.

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