2021 Coal Prices


To place your Delivery Order stop in or call (203) 268-2537.
(No need to call if you are picking up)

Bag Size Regular Price Per Ton Regular Price Less Than 50 Bags
Nut, Stove & Pea Coal 40 lbs.
50 /Pallet
$314.99 / TON
($6.30 / BAG)

$6.99 / BAG

Call for delivery prices and details. Coal is delivered on pallets. There is a quantity of fifty bags on each pallet. Each pallet weighs 2000 lbs (1 ton). Truck space is limited. Coal is delivered in fully wrapped pallets that may be stored outside.

NOTE: Any stacking or hand unloading will incur the delivery charge plus $20 for each delivered ton. The driver has the final say to where the coal can be dropped.

Thank you for your continued patronage. We look forward to serving you in the future.

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