17 Week Pullet, Baby Turkey, and Baby Guinea Keet Preorder

Stay tuned for our 2021 pre-order.
Below are the vareties we typically carry.

red cross hen

Red Cross Trimmed Beak

Excellent brown egg layer. Ready to lay in 4-5 weeks! De-beaked and fully tested and vaccinated (including salmonella).

red cross hen

Red Cross Untrimmed Beak

Excellent brown egg layer. Ready to lay in 4-5 weeks! Fully tested and vaccinated (including salmonella).

white leghorn

White Leghorn

High production white egg layer. Known for their feed efficiency and egg production.

white turkey

Large Broad White Turkeys

Day old (straight run only). Excellent meat turkey.

bronze turkey

Giant Bronze Turkeys

Day old (straight run only). Old fashioned bronze color.

guinea keet

French Guinea Keets

Day old (straight run only). Interesting birds that eat lots of ticks.

NOTE FOR TURKEYS: Keep turkeys at 95 degrees the first 7-10 days. Then lower the temperature 5 degrees each week until no more heat is needed. Keep the turkeys dry and feed high protein feed.

NOTE FOR FRENCH GUINEA KEETS: Raise like turkeys but DO NOT give any type of medication or medicated feed. Give only warm water to keets on arrival. (NEVER give cold water or coarse feed to young keets). The French keets grow twice as fast and are two pounds heavier than the common guinea fowl.

It is very important for anyone handling any type of bird or animal to wash their hands thoroughly before preparing food or putting hands in their mouth. It is especially important that children understand the necessity of this sanitary procedure when they are handling poultry or their pets. Pricing subject to change on price per bird due to increased feed costs and/or increased age.


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