Loyalty Program

Save Money as you Spend!

What is our Loyalty Program?

Our Loyalty Program is a spend-save program where every $250 you spend, gets you a free $10 coupon. There is no fee to sign up and every time you come to our store and make a purchase, we will keep track on how much you spend.

How to join our Loyalty Program?

In order to join our Loyalty Program, all you have to do is have one of our salespersons enter your name, address and phone number at the time of your first sale. Then, every visit after that, have the salesperson scan your loyalty card or just give them your last name and the dollars spent will be logged to your account.

$10 coupons should be treated like cash and expire within 90 days of purchase.

Store Info

480 Purdy Hill Rd
Monroe, CT 06468
(203) 268-2537

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