17 Week Pullet, Turkeys, and Guinea Keets Advanced Order

Every year, we have an online order form for Chickens, Turkeys, and Guinea Keets. All our ordering dates are over for 2018. We still have some Red Cross Laying Hens as of 10/10/18. Call for availability.

Below are what we got in this year.

17 Week Old Red Cross Hens & White Leghorns

These trimmed beak pullets will be ready to lay in about 5 weeks of their arrival date.

Baby Turkeys

Large Broad White Turkeys for excellent meat

"Old Fashioned" Giant Bronze Turkeys

Baby French Guinea Keets

Interesting birds that eats lots of ticks!

red cross hen

Red Cross Trimmed Beak

white leghorn

White Leghorn

red cross hen

Red Cross Untrimmed Beak

white turkey

Large Broad White Turkeys

bronze turkey

Giant Bronze Turkeys

guinea keet

French Guinea Keets

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