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This page is for ordering package bees. If you are interested in our bee seminars, please view our Bee Seminar Event Page

Benedict's Home and Garden Involvement

We fully support local beekeeping! There have been many factors in the world that contribute to decline in honeybee population. Taking care of our environment matters to us, especially ensuring a healthy honeybee population. As a matter of fact, we have our own beehives here at our store too!

Ordering Packages

Creating the connection between local beekeepers and bee suppliers is important to us. Benedict's Home and Garden does not sell honeybees. We solely act as a pick up point for customers to pick up their bee packages ordered through outside supplies.

Spring 2019 Ordering Details

Honeybound Apiaries

$125 - 3 lbs. Package of Italian Bees with Mated Queen

To Order:
Contact James O'Neil
(203) 915-0320
Or On Facebook at

Cedar Lane Apiaries

$175 - OHB 3 lbs. Package of Italian Bees with Mated Queen

$175 - OHB 3 lbs. Package of Carniolan Bees with Mated Queen

$179 - OHB 3 lbs. Package of Saskatraz Bees with Mated Queen

To Order:
Visit Cedar Lane Apiaries and click on the tab "Honey Bees and Queens"

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